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50 PS2 Games That Deserve a Spot on PS4


50 PS2 Games That Deserve a Spot on PS4

The PlayStation 2 was full of great titles, many of which deserve a spot in the PlayStation 4 library.

The PlayStation 2 was one of the most successful video game consoles of all time, and was absolutely packed with great games of every genre. With Sony now porting some classic PlayStation 2 games onto the PlayStation 4, the sky’s really the limit with what we could see come to the console. Here’s some of the best games available that we’d love to see come to PS4.


PS2 on PS4

This strangely named JRPG series took place within a fictional MMO called “The World.” The four titles in the PlayStation 2 series have become nearly impossible to find copies of, which makes an even stronger case for these games coming to PS4.

Ape Escape 3

ape escape 3, ps2, ps4

If traveling to different movie sets to capture a bunch of crazy different monkeys sounds like your kind of game, then you’ll want Ape Escape 3 to come to PS4. It’s a fun series that we haven’t seen nearly enough of in recent years.

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