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10 Games Where the Gameplay Was Much Better Than the Story


10 Games Where the Gameplay Was Much Better Than the Story

Too bad the plot’s not as good as the gameplay.

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Mirror’s Edge

Gameplay- M.E.

For a title with such entertaining gameplay, it sure had a terrible plot. The story of Mirror’s Edge centers around Faith as she attempts to clear her sister’s name after she was framed for a high-profile murder. Along the way, Faith is hunted by the totalitarian government as they crack down on her and her gang of runners, a group of city-scaling parkour athletes who deliver messages intended to avoid the government surveillance net.

All of this provides the perfect excuse for you to run to your hearts content, in a first person perspective. You’ll sprint across rooftops, constantly scanning the area for shortcuts and ways to pick up speed. You’ll run along walls and look down over the metropolis which is never named, further emphasizing that this game is all about the thrill of the run. This adventure may be short but it’s a blast from beginning to end.

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