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6 Pokemon Gift Ideas Any Trainer Is Sure to Love


6 Pokemon Gift Ideas Any Trainer Is Sure to Love

Some gifts for that special trainer you know.

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Poke Ball


One thing anyone who has watched or played Pokemon has ever wanted (outside of a deadly pet) is a Poke Ball. A trainer is nothing without these, so a healthy supply of these cool looking props are a great gift for any Pokemon fans you may know.

These are relatively easy to find as many toy stores have them in stock from a number of brands. Online retailers such as Amazon have plenty of options ranging from cheap toys to nice collectibles. If you’re looking for something high quality and a bit more durable, you may want to check out sites like Etsy. FluxTideDesigns makes Poke Balls that are solid and can withstand the test of time. They don’t open with a hinge (they have a lid, instead) but that’s to make sure that they last long. With every type of Poke Ball available at reasonable prices, it will make a perfect gift.

Of course, there’s another option if you’re looking for something with a lot more class…

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