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5 Overlooked Games in 2015 That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On


5 Overlooked Games in 2015 That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Do enough digging and greatness can be found.

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Life Is Strange

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Life Is Strange is probably the most well-known game on our list, but for a game of such a high caliber, we feel it needed far more love than it actually received. Putting players in the shoes of Max Caulfield, you’ll follow her story of the typical and not-so-typical problems of a teenager. Oh, and did we mention you can rewind time, too? Allowing players to see the outcome of specific decisions and altering the way things play out may seem counter-intuitive, but each and every effect could have a positive and negative result on the over-arching story so you’ll be left guessing whether you made the right decision hours later. A great cast of voice actors and some truly shocking moments mean this five part episodic game is one of the brightest gems that many gamers may overlook. Try this game, we promise you won’t regret it.

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