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6 Holiday Gift Ideas The Witcher Fans Would Absolutely Love


6 Holiday Gift Ideas The Witcher Fans Would Absolutely Love

Some gifts for the Witcher in your life.

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The Witcher Games

the witcher 3 black friday

So there’s a Witcher fan in your life. You know what that means, right? Time to get some games to wrap or place in a stocking. The good thing about The Witcher is that every game so far has been nothing short of amazing. Of course, you should know that these games aren’t for children, casual gamers, or the faint of heart (they can be pretty damn graphic and challenging).

There are three games to choose from (or you can get all three), each with their own deep narratives and brutal combat. Each game also has it’s own expansions that add even more action to the already huge experiences. You can find all of the games on the official Witcher website.

If you’re looking for something where everyone can get in on the Witcher action, consider picking up the tabletop game. It provides a couple of hours of fun for up to four players, and you may just learn about the world your loved one cares about so much.

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