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Final Fantasy VII Remake Characters Compared to Their Original Models

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Characters Compared to Their Original Models

Terrorist organizations never looked so good.

Sony and Square Enix gave many fans exactly what they wanted during the PlayStation Experience stage presentation, showing off brand new footage from the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. The segments shown all appear to take place in the first hour of gameplay, with heavy focus on the introductory bombing mission. This would be Cloud Strife’s first outing with the group known as AVALANCHE, and where the player is introduced to the organization’s members Barret, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie.

So, just how do their PlayStation 4 Remake looks compare to the original character art and PlayStation 1-era graphics? Check out our comparison images below to see for yourself.

Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cloud

Barret Wallace

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Barret


Final Fantasy VII Remake, Biggs


Final Fantasy VII Remake, Wedge


Final Fantasy VII Remake, Jessie

What do you think of the way things are shaping up? The team behind the remake certainly seem to be sticking pretty well to the source material, which is good news for die-hard fans. Give us your thoughts on the latest trailer in the comments below.

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