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4 Games That Flopped Super Hard in 2015


4 Games That Flopped Super Hard in 2015

Sometimes it just doesn’t all quite come together.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5, disappointing, flop, game, 2015

2015 was a great year for games with all of the platforms offering stellar exclusive titles and perfect reasons for us to justify picking up one of the new consoles. However, while some fans were overjoyed with the quality of the game that they received from their favorite series, other games in 2015 were victims of a pretty awful flop.

Before we go into our list, we think it’s important for us to outline exactly what we’re qualifying as a flop here. The following games are ones which definitely did not meet their sales targets, were reviewed poorly, or just really didn’t meet expectations of fans. Others perhaps started strongly but failed to stay in the limelight for long enough, becoming more of an afterthought of “did that really release this year?”

None of these games are downright abominations that don’t deserve to be played (except maybe for one), but instead just didn’t quite hit the mark that was set for them by fans, critics, and developer ambitions. So without further ado, let’s take a moment to commiserate the flops of 2015.

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