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How Would These 7 Gaming Characters Handle Black Friday?


How Would These 7 Gaming Characters Handle Black Friday?

Would they survive the onslaught of shoppers?

Geralt of Rivia

Geralt of Rivia has been through hell and back over the course of three games, saving kingdoms and members of his family from evil supernatural beings. On his off times, he also goes around performing odd jobs for the civilians of villages he goes to on his adventures and slays giant monsters that can snatch people away before they can blink. For a deadly time of the year such as Black Friday, he’ll need to use all of his skills in order to survive and get what he wants.

Since he’s a guy who travels a lot, he’d go to Dick’s Sporting Goods for their deals on camping gear. The massive horde has swarmed the store, so he takes his horse Roach to try and get above as many people as possible, but eventually people realize his plan and try to bring him down. Big mistake. He uses his sword to slice civilians to pieces and magic to set groups of them on fire to clear a path. Sure, they run around screaming and setting the entire store ablaze, but Geralt’s got his gear, and that’s all that matters.

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