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Fallout 4: Tips for How to Build Your Settlement Like a Champ

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Fallout 4: Tips for How to Build Your Settlement Like a Champ

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Invest in Intelligence and Charisma

Before you start your epic crafting journey in the Wasteland of Fallout 4, you really should consider investing your points in some perks that will make your experience a lot smoother down the line. First up, consider investing five points in Intelligence. This will allow you to salvage uncommon parts whenever you take apart your weapons and armor. Considering that there are tons of items that require uncommon parts to craft, including defense turrets, this can be pretty useful. When your character gets up to level 23 and above, you’ll start salvaging rare parts from dismantled gear, too.

Aside from Intelligence, Charisma could be a good place to pour some points into, as well. The Local Leader perk will unlock various new trade routes and schematics for you to explore as your character levels up. You can grab this perk after investing six points in Charisma. Placing points in the Local Leader perk will also allow you to invest in shops for your base.

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