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Fallout 4: The Best Gun Attachments and What They Do


Fallout 4: The Best Gun Attachments and What They Do


While there are many different types of attachments spanning all of the different weapon classes, there are a few that are a bit more uniform and should be taken into consideration when modding your weapon of choice.

Muzzle Breaks – These go on the end of the barrel and may go by a different name on different types of weapons (The Stabilizer on the Missile Launcher does basically the same thing). It decreases your recoil, making it much easier to shoot. The tradeoff is that your weapon will have reduced range. On a shotgun, this can be a problem if you’re afraid to get extra close, but on something like a pistol or revolver this isn’t too much of a big deal.

Bayonet – This attachment adds a blade to the end of your gun’s barrel. These greatly increase the bashing damage of your weapon, making them as deadly when swung as they are when shot.

Suppressor – This customization lets you shoot silently without attracting enemies. Perfect for stealth.

Sights/Scopes – How do you like to aim? Scopes provide a varying degree of zoom, but make aiming down sights while at close to mid range a nightmare. Make sure not to just equip what looks cool, go for something you can actually use.

Magazines – Every weapon has a specified ammo capacity. For many of these, though, you can adjust the amount in exchange for reload speed.

Grips/Stocks – These attachments alter how your weapon is fired (as a pistol or rifle) and help determine how your weapon handles recoil.

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