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Fallout 4: How to Find All Perk Magazine Locations

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Fallout 4: How to Find All Perk Magazine Locations

As you wander the Wastelands on your post-apocalyptic adventure in Fallout 4, you’ll come across some informative magazines tucked away throughout the world.

Each of these magazines bestows on you an additional perk or effect to your character for the duration of your time spent in Fallout 4. However, the fun doesn’t stop there, as when you’re done with a magazine you can display it on a magazine rack…or sell it for caps if you’re really short on money.

Many of the magazines within Fallout 4 are issues of the same series. For example, there is a total of 14 ‘Astoundingly Awesome Tales’ magazines to be found within the Fallout 4 world. To try and keep things relatively confusion-free, we’re going to number these issues so you can tick them off as you go. Below is the location of every perk magazine in Fallout 4.

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