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Fallout 4: Every Companion’s Special Perk and What They Do


Fallout 4: Every Companion’s Special Perk and What They Do

Fallout 4 contains over 10 companions you can take out into the Boston wasteland with you in order to get a bit of assistance with dealing with deadly threats. (If you need to know where you can find all of the companions, check out our guide over here.)

Each of these companions has their own particular set of skills and attitude, so you may want to stick with those that complement your style of play. But, you should know that reaching the highest relationship level unlocks a special perk that you couldn’t get anywhere else, and the perk remains active as long as you and the individual are on good terms. This means if you betray a faction, any companions associated with that faction are lost, along with their perks.

In order to know which companions you should pursue, we’ve put together a quick list of each potential companion’s special perk:

Codsworth (Robot Sympathy) – +10 damage resistance against robot energy weapons.

Preston (United We Stand) – Damage +20% and +20 damage resistance when facing three or more opponents.

Piper (Gift of Gab) – +100% XP bonus for speech challenges and discovering new locations.

Nick Valentine (Close to Metal) – One extra guess and 50% faster terminal cooldown when hacking.

Danse (Know Your Enemy) – Damage +20% against Ferals, Super Mutants, and Synths.

Curie (Combat Medic) – Once per day, heal 100 points if health falls below 10%.

Strong (Berserk) – When below 25% health, melee weapon damage increases by +20%.

Hancock (Isodoped) – At 250 rads or higher, get criticals 20% faster.

Cait (Trigger Rush) – Action Points regenerate faster if your health is below 25%.

MacCready (Killshot) – Headshots in V.A.T.S. increased by 20%.

X6-88 (Shield Harmonics) – +20 damage resistance vs. energy.

Deacon (Cloak & Dagger) – +20% sneak attack damage and duration of Stealth Boys are increased by +40%.

Now that you know exactly what these guys and gals can do for you, you know who you need to start sweet talking to get exactly what you want.

Which of these perks have you managed to obtain? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. And for even more Fallout 4 guides, check out our expanding wiki!

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