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Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone: How to Beat the Caretaker


Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone: How to Beat the Caretaker

A face only a mother could love.


The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone’s main quest, Scenes From a Marriage, tasks Geralt with collecting a violet rose that Olgierd had given to his wife many years ago. This will lead you to the von Everec estate where you’ll face what has to be the creepiest creature CD Projekt Red has thrown into not only Hearts of Stone, but the entire game.

After checking the front of the manor in your search for the rose, you will be prompted to check the garden to the rear of the house. It is here that you will see a tall figure digging graves. What looks like a simple undertaker at first turns itself around to reveal a most frightening visage. This creature with no eyes or nostrils is one seriously terrifying foe that will keep on your toes.

the witcher 3 caretaker

To prepare for this battle, you’ll need equip Quen, no need to ever switch to another sign. Just make sure to always cast Quen when it either expires or the Caretaker manages to hit you. If you have Relict Oil, be sure to put some on your blade before heading to the back of the manor. This will greatly increase your damage output against this boss.

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