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Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – How to Beat Evil’s Soft First Touches Quest


Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – How to Beat Evil’s Soft First Touches Quest

The patch to the Toad be a treacherous one!

The first main quest of your Hearts of Stone adventure begins by picking up the contract on the noticeboard by the Seven Cats Inn. While you’re at this noticeboard, we advise that you also grab the notice from an Ofieri merchant as this will allow you to get the Runewright. Once you’re all ready to set off on your first main story mission of Hearts of Stone, go to the waypoint on your map.

Once you’ve reached the Garin estate, you’ll be greeted with the hilarious bunch of individuals. As difficult as it is, put up with the annoying back and forth between the characters and you’ll eventually be taken to see Olgierd von Everec. This is the fella who put up the notice that you’ve followed. You’ll enter into a conversation with him about art, answer how you wish as this does not have any effect on how the quest plays out. Following a bit of conversation over a statue, Olgierd dishes out the details on your target. Ask about the contract and he’ll inform you that it’s deadly… plenty of detail. Olgierd will eventually give you a bit more info and tell you that a Prince has been turned into a toad and has taken to living in the sewers, killing everyone that it sees.

Accept the contract and be on your way! Go through the conversation about taking on a quest of finding out who murdered her friend Kluivert, starting the side quest Rose on a Red Field. Once the conversation is all done, head to the sewers in the middle of Oxenfurt. Fast travel to the harbor if you fancy avoiding the journey. As Geralt makes his way into town, another cutscene begins and he is warned that he’s in a military operation zone and a war tax is needed. Refuse to pay and a more senior looking soldier sorts out these guys trying to shake you down and lets you pass. Head over to the well with a beggar stood by it and jump on in.

As you enter the first room, you’ll spot the first of many downers. Slice him down and head over to the west wall (the right as Geralt walks in) to find a chest containing some sapphire dust and hardened timber. Loot as you wish and continue through the gate on the opposing wall to begin a cutscene. Once Geralt has been met with this blast from the past and picked up a handy tip on what to avoid doing when tackling the beast (using Igni), use your Witcher senses and find the weakened wall. Use Aard and blast it away.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone

Advance on through the passage until you hit another cutscene. Guess what? You’re heading down through the nice slimy archway and toward the screams of the Drowners below. Prepare for battle.

There are about six Drowners down here all waiting to crowd around you and chip away at your health. The best way of dealing with these guys is either to use Ignii and set them ablaze, or use Quen to protect yourself. Focus on taking out one at a time and keep evading and rolling away as the Drowners start to bunch up again. Take your time defending and don’t rush in, timing your strikes and interspersing Ignii in between. Jumping into the middle of these guys is a recipe for disaster and will result in you becoming Drowner food pretty quick.

Once you’ve finished these guys off, another cutscene begins and gives you a few more juicy tidbits about the monster. When Geralt and Shani have finished, head toward the east side of this room and go rummaging through some barrels and crates to find a couple rune stones. When you’ve grabbed these bits, go ahead and pass through the gate. Be warned that another Drowner will await you in this area of the sewers. Follow the path around, slaying Drowners as you go.

Head through the wooden door and follow the path until a cutscene informs you that you’ve reached the lair and the beast was just here. Time to lure him right back here. Watch as Geralt prepares the lure and brace yourselves for a rather tricky battle. To find out how to defeat this ugly Toad Prince fellow, check out our guide below.

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