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Samurai Warriors 4-II: How to Get All Rare Weapons


Samurai Warriors 4-II: How to Get All Rare Weapons

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Yukimura Sanada


Yukimura’s rare weapon can be unlocked after the battle of Oshi Castle (Story of Sworn Friends). You must complete it within 12 minutes with at least 50% of your health and make sure to defeat Kai and Lady Hayakawa. Mission 5 will be the mission that triggers for the rare weapon, “The Lion of Sagami Emerges.” You must prevent Ujiyasu Hojo from reaching Oshi Castle’s Main Keep.

Missions Necessary:

Water Attack Preparation- Escort Tadaoki Hosokawa and Yoshiaki Kato to the South Western Garrison!

Protect the Levee – Defeat Izuminokami Shibazaki, Yasunaga Matsuda and Yasusato Matsuda!

Protect the Levee – Defeat Yukie Sakamaki!

Ladies Together – Prevent Kai and Lady Hayakawa from Rendezvousing!

Bonus Missions:

  1. Fuma’s Secret Maneuvers – Prevent Ninja Masters and Yukie Sakamaki from Rendezvousing.
  2. Relief Efforts – Defeat Tanbanokami Masaki and Yoshitake Mibu, and prevent Yoshinobu Satake from being defeated!
  3. Relief Efforts – Defeat Masayo Ito and Naoshige Chiba, and prevent Hideie Ukita from being defeated!
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