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Destiny’s Best PvP Classes for Trials of Osiris Ranked TTK Edition


Destiny’s Best PvP Classes for Trials of Osiris Ranked TTK Edition

Where does your favorite class rank?

9: Sunsinger

trials of osiris

Just like our list of the best Destiny PvP classes for normal Crucible, Sunsinger resides at the bottom of our list of subclasses for Trials of Osiris. At first you might think that self-resurrecting would be great in a game mode where a death is crushing and staying alive is so important. All of that is true, but it sounds a lot better in paper that it actually performs in practice. Trials of Osiris is a game mode where offensive supers can win you rounds by itself, and would it be foolish to go to battle without one.

Furthermore, if you’re playing an experienced team, there is a good chance you won’t be able to self-resurrect anyway. Competitive teams will have a Sniper Rifle or teammates guarding dead enemies at all times. Especially if the round is over and you’re trying to pull off a game saving Fireborn. A smart team is checking what subclasses are being used and keeping an eye on any Sunsingers. More often than not, you’re going to be met with two or three enemy Guardians ready to jump you the second you try it. So just don’t. Instead of playing to die, play to kill, and pick a more offensive class for Trials of Osiris.

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