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AC Syndicate: How to Find all Secrets of London Locations


AC Syndicate: How to Find all Secrets of London Locations

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has several different types of collectibles. One of the types of collectibles found throughout the game are these 32 music boxes known as the Secrets of London. These items can be added to the machine in Reuge’s Vault in order to unlock an amazing outfit for Evie Frye.

They are scattered far and wide all across the city of London so we’ve put all of their locations in one place, just for you:

1 – Whitechapel Graveyard

Head over to St. Mary Matfelon’s church in Whitechapel then head to the south wall. Here you will find a cemetery, in this cemetry is a caged grave with a large tombstone. The music box will be right next to it.

2 – Whitechapel, Southwest of Viewpoint

Head to the Whitechapel Viewpoint then head toward the southwest to the top of a small building. The music box is here. Once you’re close it will pop up on your map.

3 – Whitechapel, Near the Train Tracks

Head north of this district’s viewpoint to the train tracks. Head north until you reach a broken down shack sitting on the side. Your Secrets of London Collectible is right next to it.

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