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Grizzled Ryu’s Beard is Taking Over the Cast of Street Fighter V


Grizzled Ryu’s Beard is Taking Over the Cast of Street Fighter V

No one is safe…

On August 31, 2015, gamers were shown the most important images in gaming history ever. GameStop revealed the new Ryu pre-order bonus for Street Fighter V. Capcom’s most iconic fighter in the series has bulked up and gotten a beard, and it’s clearly resonating with people. He’s so hot, he was able to trend on Twitter. But it looks the beard is more than just a sign of Ryu’s new image and everyone’s growing lumbersexuality. It looks like it’s slowly but surely moving on to the rest of the Street Fighter V cast.

From bad guy M. Bison….

To thigh masters Chun-Li and R. Mika…

It’s even crossing over into real life! Is anyone safe from the beard of Ryu?!

We don’t know for sure what the plan of Ryu’s beard is, but if that means he’s adding some ruggedness to the cast, it can stay. Maybe the special edition of Street Fighter V will come with a Ryu beard for everyone to wear. Or maybe it’ll become a playable fighter in one of Capcom’s eight re-releases.

Let us know how you feel about the new Ryu and Street Fighter V’s Beard Invasion in the comments below.

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