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Circa Infinity Review


Circa Infinity Review

Circa Infinity is an insane, fast-paced circular platformer by indie dev Kenny Sun.

Circa Infinity on PC

There’s something great about simple, frantic gameplay that I’ve never really put my finger on. Whatever it is, Circa Infinity certainly has it. A fast-paced running/puzzle style game, this unique and bizarre title is remarkably simple in its presentation yet devious in execution. The minimalistic aesthetic, quick pace, and high-precision difficulty come together to create a singular experience that presents a great challenge for players of all skill levels.

circa infinity stage

Circa Infinity is broken into stages, each comprised of a number of circles. Players will guide their character around both the inner and outer edges of these rings, with the objective being simply to reach the center of each stage. Along the way, they’ll have to dodge over, under, or around demon-like enemies that populate each ring, making note of their patterns of movement — or lack thereof — in order to proceed. Touching an enemy will result in ‘death’, sending the player back one ring and allowing them to try again. As each stage is cleared, the total time and number of deaths it took to complete will be displayed, and players can get a bonus for any stage cleared without any deaths.

In addition to the individual stages, Circa Infinity is also broken into levels. Each level is made up of ten stages and a final boss stage that presents a unique challenge for players to overcome. Of course, making it to these is no small task, as you’ll have to overcome considerable challenges to complete each stage, and every new stage is more difficult than the last. With varying enemy movement patterns and “rules”, a mix of enemy types, and the frantic pacing that the game maintains, there are no small tasks once you’ve made it through the first few stages that help players get a feel for the game.

circa infinity boss

Adding to the insanity of Circa Infinity is the way that players and enemies interact with the world. With lateral movement, jumping, and what I can only describe as ‘diving’, players must make their way through, over, and under any number of obstacles along the way. Enemies will switch up their tactics as you go, too, with some holding position, some in constant movement, and some even reacting to whether you’re moving or jumping to mix it up. It creates a confounding experience that can be disorienting in the best possible way, and figuring out which pattern awaits you on each new ring is the key to moving forward.

Again, it’s hard to really define what makes Circa Infinity so compelling, but it is. The frantic pace, on-your-toes reactions, and pulse-pounding soundtrack lend themselves to a great overall experience. While it’s incredibly simple in its design, the complexity of play is definitely there, and it’s nothing short of incredibly challenging while also not impossible. Available for a decently-placed $9.99 on Steam, there’s a Deluxe Edition for $5 more that includes the soundtrack. If you’re more into direct purchases, you can pick up either (for the same price) over at the game’s official website as well.

Score: 3/5

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