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Until Dawn Guide – How to Find all the Twins Clues


Until Dawn Guide – How to Find all the Twins Clues

Welp, this is sad.

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As you explore through Until Dawn, you’re able to pick up clues at flashing points throughout an episode that may change the plot and provide you with a bit of backstory. The Twins clues, in particular, will provide insight into the lives of Beth and Hannah and even completely save a certain character if all are found before Episode 10.

Episode 2

Twins Clue #4 Family Portrait – Once you’re in the lodge as Chris, it’s time to keep an eye out for The Twins clues. Make your way through a hall (that you need to go through), and you’ll see a flash on a family portrait.

Twins Clue #3 Prom Night Photo – Making your way around the second floor of the lodge, you’ll see a flash on drawers that will lead you to pick up a Prom Night photograph.

Twin Clues #2 Beach Photo – Continuing through the house as Chris, go down the stairs until you reach another flash ontop of an entertainment system that has a Beach picture of Josh, Beth, and Hannah.

Twins Clue #1 Film Trophy – Head back all the way up the stairs and take a left until you hit a dead end to reach shelves with a flash and a trophy.

Twins Clue #5 Tattoo Card – When you take control of Sam in the Lodge, head outside the bathroom and go to the right of the screen through those doors there. You’ll be in a bedroom; approach the flashing desk to pick up a tattoo card.

Twins Clue #6 Compatibility Test – Still in that bedroom, head to the back and pick up a torn sheet of paper in the closet to see the flashing compatibility test.

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