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Until Dawn Guide – How to Find all the Twins Clues


Until Dawn Guide – How to Find all the Twins Clues

Welp, this is sad.

As you explore through Until Dawn, you’re able to pick up clues at flashing points throughout an episode that may change the plot and provide you with a bit of backstory. The Twins clues, in particular, will provide insight into the lives of Beth and Hannah and even completely save a certain character if all are found before Episode 10.

Episode 2

Twins Clue #4 Family Portrait – Once you’re in the lodge as Chris, it’s time to keep an eye out for The Twins clues. Make your way through a hall (that you need to go through), and you’ll see a flash on a family portrait.

Twins Clue #3 Prom Night Photo – Making your way around the second floor of the lodge, you’ll see a flash on drawers that will lead you to pick up a Prom Night photograph.

Twin Clues #2 Beach Photo – Continuing through the house as Chris, go down the stairs until you reach another flash ontop of an entertainment system that has a Beach picture of Josh, Beth, and Hannah.

Twins Clue #1 Film Trophy – Head back all the way up the stairs and take a left until you hit a dead end to reach shelves with a flash and a trophy.

Twins Clue #5 Tattoo Card – When you take control of Sam in the Lodge, head outside the bathroom and go to the right of the screen through those doors there. You’ll be in a bedroom; approach the flashing desk to pick up a tattoo card.

Twins Clue #6 Compatibility Test – Still in that bedroom, head to the back and pick up a torn sheet of paper in the closet to see the flashing compatibility test.

Episode 3

Twins Clue #7 Tennis Photo – Once you’re in the cabin as Mike with Jessica, head towards the other side and through the hallway. At the end, you’ll see a table with a flashing tennis photo.

Twins Clue #9 Hannah’s Glasses Case – Once you gain control of Ashley back in the lodge, don’t follow Chris down the stairs immediately. Turn around and head down the small hallway for a second to pick up the flashing glasses case.

Twins Clue #8 Portrait Photo – Still as Ashley, hit the button that will open the secret passage behind the bookshelves and you’ll take control of Chris who will go through. Approach the flash that’s immediately visible and you’ll pick up this photo clue.

Episode 5

Twins Clue #10 Beth’s Phone – Playing as Matt with an axe through the snow, once you cross a bridge, don’t follow Emily to the right. Instead, go to the left where you will find a small shack with a flashing phone on the ground.

Episode 6

Twins Clue #11 Hannah’s Poster – As Emily up on the radio tower, approach the flashing locker and open it up to see a poster.

Twins Clue #12 Beth’s Poster – Once you get the power going in the radio tower, hit the flashing printer button to see this poster.

Episode 7

Twins Clue #13 Hannah’s Glasses – When you’re Emily down in the mines, you’re going to come across a snowy hill that appears to be your way out; except she can’t climb it. Stick around that area, as there are a few Twins Clues there. Approach the flashing on the floor next to the pile of rocks to find Hannah’s glasses.

Twins Clue #17 Tattoo Photo – Next, as Emily, approach the barrels close to the bottom of the screen to pick up a flashing photo.

Twins Clue #15 Marks on Rock – After that, head as though you were going to leave the area, except stop at the flashing planks. Move them out of the way to see markings on the rock they were covering.

Twins Clue #16 Beth’s Cross – Continue then as though you were leaving the area, except make a right when there are two paths. You’ll come to a short dead end where you can pick up a flashing cross on the ground.

Twins Clue #14 Hannah’s Locket – Head back from there and go through the left path you had ignored at first. Keep walking through (ignoring the first flash as that’s a busted door to move) until you finally approach the flash you see on a barrel to pick up Hannah’s locket.

Twins Clue #18 Beth’s Head – Now go back to where you saw and ignored that busted door. Move it and go through this path. Keep walking this way until you see a most spooky flash to interact with.

Episode 10

Twins Clue #19 Beth’s Watch – As Sam with Mike within that cave in the mines, don’t drop down into the water to wade through just yet. Go around the left to approach a grave site with a flashing watch on the ground.

Twins Clue # 20 Scrawled Journal – Right after wading through the water as Sam with Mike, go left a bit to approach a flashing journal on the ground and you’ll have found every The Twins clue in the game! Congratulations on uncovering the depressing backstory!

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