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Until Dawn Guide – How to Find All the 1952 Clues


Until Dawn Guide – How to Find All the 1952 Clues

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until dawn

As you explore through Until Dawn, you’re able to pick up clues at flashing points throughout an episode that may change the plot and provide you with a bit of backstory. The 1952 clues, in particular, will provide insight into a very peculiar history of the mountain.

Episode 2

1952 Clue #1 Mine Danger Map – Walking through the mines as Mike with Ashley, you’re bound to run into a flashing light on your right hand side on a table.

Episode 3

1952 Clue #2 Old Mask – As Mike wading through the snow with Ashley, you’ll come across a condemned shack. Inside, you can pick up a flashing old mask for this clue.

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