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Until Dawn Guide – How to Find All the 1952 Clues


Until Dawn Guide – How to Find All the 1952 Clues

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until dawn

As you explore through Until Dawn, you’re able to pick up clues at flashing points throughout an episode that may change the plot and provide you with a bit of backstory. The 1952 clues, in particular, will provide insight into a very peculiar history of the mountain.

Episode 2

1952 Clue #1 Mine Danger Map – Walking through the mines as Mike with Ashley, you’re bound to run into a flashing light on your right hand side on a table.

Episode 3

1952 Clue #2 Old Mask – As Mike wading through the snow with Ashley, you’ll come across a condemned shack. Inside, you can pick up a flashing old mask for this clue.

until dawn

Episode 5

1952 Clue #3 Administration Notes – As Mike, after he drops down through the snowy window in his tank top carrying a lantern, you’re going to want to walk to the bottom of the screen passing barrels. Keep walking and going around and you’ll come across a flashing loss totem on the ground. Right next to that, there is a barrel you can climb up to reach a platform. Balance across the planks and you’ll once again be able to climb up to reach the roof through a hole. The administration notes will be on the table directly in front of you and the flash is hard to miss.

1952 Clue #6 Clocking-In Cards – After that, continue walking through and go through the ADMIN door. head to your left in this room to see a flashing safe that you can interact with.

1952 Clue #4 Broken Camera – Head back to the beginning of the room and approach the flashing light in the back where you will find a camera atop a filing cabinet.

1952 Clue #8 Old Newspaper – Leave the room through the other door and keep walking right until the camera makes you walk toward the bottom of the screen. There will be a room to the left where you will find a flashing newspaper.

1952 Clue #5 Medical Notes – Walk back outside the room and go up the screen now, turning to your right as soon as you can. Continue through the hall until you can enter a room that will be on your right. Once there, you can find medical notes on a table.

1952 Clue #9 Restraining Chair – After finding the machete as Mike, explore the room and you’ll come across some drapes that you can pull to reveal a restraining chair.

1952 Clue #10 Telegram About Miners – After getting the restraining chair clue, head back and keep going until you can take a right and again head through the door frame on the right. Once in this room, you will find a flashing telegram on a table.

1952 Clue #12 Strange Skull – After getting the telegram, head back outside the room and this time take the doors on the left. You’ll know you’re in the right hall when there was a skeleton on the left that tried to spook you.

1952 Clue #11 Name Tag – Once you’re in the morgue, open up the flashing crypt to reveal a name tag.

1952 Clue #13 Death Certificate – Still in the morgue, open up yet another flashing crypt to get a death certificate clue.

1952 Clue #7 Mine Rescue Photo – After getting the jacket as Mike, walk through the cold corridor and you’ll find a flashing photo on the ground.

Until Dawn

Episode 7

1952 Clue #15 Miner Photo – As Emily walking through the mines. Go forth and pass the flashing minecart. You’ll approach a crate that you can open to reveal a photo clue.

1952 Clue #14 Clocking-In Machine – Once in the large area with the lift, head to the right of the screen towards the flashing clocking-in machine hanging up.

1952 Clue #16 Miner’s Family Photo – When you break down the planks as Emily, head towards that flash you see in the back on the right, except go past it further to the right of the screen. You’ll come across a lock-box atop a barrel that you can interact with.

Note: Make sure you run and hide from the stranger as Emily so that you can get the collectibles in Episode 8.

Until Dawn

Episode 8

1952 Clue #17 Romantic Postcard – As Emily holding a flare, make your way and keep to the right until you can enter a hut and find a romantic postcard.

1952 Clue #19, #18, #20, #21, #22 – All of these clues can be found when Ashley grabs the book of Wendigos in the basement and flips through the pages.

Until Dawn

Episode 9

1952 Clue #23 Makeshift Graveyard – After you find the shotgun as Mike, you have the opportunity to go outside to a snowy backyard where you will find a grave site. This is found near a Danger Totem.

1952 Clue #24 Doctor’s Report – Heading downstairs within the dungeon, you’re looking for a room that will be on your left that will have a doctor’s report on a table.

1952 Clue #25 Old Film Reel – When you head through a torn down brick wall, continue until you come to a hall that you can move down through. You’re looking for a room on the right side of the screen where there will be an old film projector and reel on a table in the center.

1952 Clue #27 Case Study Dossier – After getting the film reel, head out the room and continue moving down the screen. Walk down the hall until you can go through an open doorway to the left of the screen (Mike’s right). There’s a table right next to the doorway in that room that will have the case study dossier.

1952 Clue #26 Suicide Note – After getting the case study, approach the flash on the back wall that will lead to Mike busting through it. Shoot open the cell door ahead and go through. Approach the skeleton for a suicide note clue.

Congratulations, that’s all of the 1952 clues!

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