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Australian Graffiti Artists Show Their Love for the Mad Max Game


Australian Graffiti Artists Show Their Love for the Mad Max Game

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of a radioactive world-eating dust storm.

In a mere few days, the world will descend once more into a world of blood and fire with the momentous release of both Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max video game and Mad Max: Fury Road on DVD & Blu Ray.  In the past few weeks, we have seen talented artists churn out shiny and chrome works on YouTube to promote the game.

As the days and hour wind down where we all become legendary Road Warriors, a team of professional artists from Sydney, Australia called Blackbook Ink has joined this wondrous convoy of creative individuals to share their love, support, and appreciation for the upcoming title. Blackbook Ink is a professional company specializing in graffiti mural, design, and signage services. According to their website description, their artwork is not limited to just canvas and walls – but they have also done paint and promo work on cars and buses. All you War Boys and blackthumbs out there… you know where this is heading. 

Befitting of the harsh post-apocalyptic Australian desert wasteland in which Max Rockatanksy will drive, fight, scavenge, and survive through, these brilliant artists utilized their unique graffiti art skills to paint two vehicles with Mad Max imagery using dust – no doubt collected from the fiery, death-dealing, dust storms that ravage the wasteland from time to time, right?

With skilled artisanry, the duo created images of Max with his iconic sawed off shotgun, silhouettes, desert landscapes, skulls, and even the Bullet Farmer’s pursuit vehicle from the movie! While the cars weren’t fashioned with spikes, or a feral bloodbag for that matter, the visual tone of the game and franchise was further accentuated with the inclusion of oil drums, gears, and the skull of a bull. These pieces of art are anything but MEDIOCRE!

WB Games Australia also posted this promotional YouTube video to document how Blackbook Ink pulled off this amazing feat.

Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max will smash its way onto the PS4, Xbox 1, and PC this coming Tuesday – September 1st. If you enjoyed this art piece, feel to share and comment below!

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