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Shenmue 3 Has Officially Entered Development


Shenmue 3 Has Officially Entered Development

Shenmue 3 is finally happening!

Creator of Shenmue, Yu Suzuki has confirmed that Shenmue 3 has officially entered development after raising over $6 million on Kickstarter, becoming the most crowd funded funded game the site has ever seen.

An update was added to the game’s page this morning and in it Suzuki praised fans for helping the game get made and said that he is “eternally grateful”.

Suzuki wrote: “Through the illustrations you drew, the videos you produced, and all that you did throughout the campaign, I could not help but feel the deep love you have for Shenmue.”

“Even after 14 years have gone by, to see this outpouring of support is something one as a creator can only dream of. There can be no better feeling than what you have given me, and for that I will be eternally grateful.  

“We have just started getting into development, and as we move ahead, I will listen to all of you to make Shenmue III even better. I thank you again all for your support, and wholeheartedly look forward to the rest of our journey together.”

Shemue 3 raised a total of $6.33 million in funding after spending a month on Kickstarter. The game is going to be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC by the end of 2017.

[Source: VideoGamer]

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