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Jamie Lee Curtis REALLY Loves Street Fighter


Jamie Lee Curtis REALLY Loves Street Fighter

Cooler than Activia?

EVO 2015 was happening this past weekend, and many fighting game fans took over Las Vegas, confusing many a bachelor party and senior citizen field trip.

One of these fans was actor, known Street Fighter fan, and real-life street fighter*, Jamie Lee Curtis, who attended EVO disguised as Vega from Street Fighter along with her family, also garbed in fighting game cosplay.

[*Unconfirmed, but how else can one escape Michael Myers for this long?]

The trip was to celebrate Curtis’ son’s high school graduation. He is in the photo dressed as Dee Jay, along with his sister as Makoto and writer/director/husband-to-Curtis, Christopher Guest, as Tekken‘s Doctor Bosconovitch. Curtis dressed as Vega to “stay incognito,” but EVO co-founder, Joey Cuellar, was in-the-know and made sure to grab a photo with the family:

This is not the first time Jamie Lee Curtis has shared her love for Capcom’s Street Fighter series. Earlier this year, in an interview regarding her film, Spare Parts, she announced that she would be attending EVO this year and that she “plays a lot of Street Fighter” as Cammy:

My hope for EVO 2016 is Capcom announcing Jamie Lee Curtis as a DLC character for the inevitable second release for Street Fighter V. Even if, I’m still fairly certain she would play as Cammy.

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