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Dying Light Upcoming DLC Brings New Area and Vehicles


Dying Light Upcoming DLC Brings New Area and Vehicles

Another DLC for Dying Light.

Techland’s open world zombie-apocalypse game, Dying Light, will be getting another piece of DLC soon that includes a whole new area full of zombies to kill and adds vehicles to the equation.

Dying Light hasn’t been poor in terms of DLC and support provided by Techland. They released a video (above) showcasing half a year full of content and revealing the content of the upcoming DLC. Dying Light producer Tymon Smektała commented on the regular release of DLCs with GamesRadar+, stating that their DLCs aren’t just small ones that are overpriced and don’t provide any real additional content.

“Of course, delivering more content to players is important. If you like something, it’s natural you want more. But we really feel DLC should be more than that,” Smektała said

Smektała explained that DLCs are there to make developers push the boundaries of their own game and keep players who bought the game and “have already spent dozens of hours with you” interested and excited for the next DLC. He also commented on fans wanting free DLC instead of paying again and again for content that is designed for a game they already paid for.

“The best kind of expansion should drive your game forward, expand upon it, and play with the gameplay features in an inventive way,” he continues. “After all, if you want to keep at least the same level of enthusiasm, you need to offer content as creative and fresh as your game was when it launched. You need to take into account you’re doing it for fans that have already spent dozens of hours with you. So it always boils down to offering something new and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in your game.”

“From our point of view, it’d be perfect if we could give away all additional content for free,” explains Smektała. “Unfortunately, that’s not how this industry works. What we can do, though, is to strike that perfect balance between free and paid content.”

Techland have been creative even with their advertising for Dying Light’s DLCs, They recently mocked Activision’s Destiny campaign, which promoted new free content through buying Redbull, by promoting  ‘Drink water for free DLC campaign’.

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