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Knights, Vikings, and Samurai Abound in New Ubisoft IP – For Honor


Knights, Vikings, and Samurai Abound in New Ubisoft IP – For Honor

Going medieval has never looked so good.

In a fantastically epic, gritty, and visceral reveal trailer featuring a dynamic, frenetic series of combat scenes alternating between a medieval knight, a Viking, and a Samurai, a brand new Ubisoft IP has been revealed – called For Honor. The combat shown in the game is brutal and hard-hitting – you can literally feel the impact of every hit and strike.

Creative director of For Honor, Jason Vannenburg orating with a voice and tone of epic proportions, professes this is exactly the type of feeling he wishes to elicit in players – dubbing the new gameplay style as “the art of battle.”

The presentation continued on with an awe-inspiring four on four combat demo between two factions of knights. From what was revealed so far, the gameplay controls and mechanics for combat are intricate and multi-layered as demonstrated with two knights showcasing and switching in between sword stances, as well as character models mimicking feinting and “feeling out” the other’s warriors patterns and intentions.

While no release date was announced yet, Ubisoft announced that the a full-fledged, four on four, multiplayer, combat demo of For Honor is available for play as of tomorrow (Tuesday, June 16th at noon). Further information about For Honor can be found after registering on their official website.

Will you be a knight, a Viking, or a samurai in For Honor? Feel free to comment and share below!

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