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Firaxis Finally Announces XCOM 2 for PC Only


Firaxis Finally Announces XCOM 2 for PC Only

Welcome back, Commander.

The truth has finally been revealed, folks. Last week, 2K teased a new game with the Advent website, and after some investigations, it turned out to be a sequel to XCOM. Now, 2K and Firaxis have pulled back the curtain to reveal XCOM 2, the sequel to Enemy Unknown from 2012 and a reboot of the classic turn based franchise. And to usher in the announcement, IGN has been allowed to show the first trailer, set 20 years after the ending of Enemy Unknown. This time around, it’s XCOM that’s the invading force, and their limited resources force them to constantly be on the move from the aliens while they expose their agenda to save humanity. It may be in CG, but there are some new elements being shown off, like drones, new aliens, a guy with a freaking sword, and…Peter Cullen?! It’s pretty freaking awesome. New to XCOM 2 will be five updated soldier classes, more mod support, procedurally generated levels, increased soldier customization, and evolved tactical combat.

IGN’s got the exclusive first look, and they’ll be providing new info for XCOM 2 in the days leading to E3, starting with an in-depth overview and interview with Creative Director Jake Solomon that’ll be up tomorrow. Now comes the bad news. Unfortunately, XCOM 2 will be PC exclusive when it releases in November, so us console gamers are going to be deprived of this awesomeness.

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