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Dishonored 2 was Just Accidentally Leaked by Bethesda


Dishonored 2 was Just Accidentally Leaked by Bethesda

Well, that was…unexpected?

So, today, only a day before their first E3 conference, the developers over at Bethesda may have accidentally leaked information regarding an upcoming presentation for the new sequel, Dishonored 2.

That’s right.

The audio that was captured through Bethesda’s live Twitch Stream had included co-director of Dishonored, Harvey Smith, and the President of Arkane, Raphael Colantonio, who had worked as the co-director of the first Dishonored game.

Listening to the audio, you can hear Colantonio and Smith first discussing their presentation, and then finally they were interrupted and told that the audio was being picked up through the live stream. In response, you hear Colantonio laughing, then he’s told to mute the mic.

Make sure to check out Bethesda’s full E3 lineup tomorrow at 6:45 pm PT, and stick with Twinfinite for all your full E3 coverage.

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