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Celebrate Heroes of the Storm by Watching The Honest Trailer Rip It Apart


Celebrate Heroes of the Storm by Watching The Honest Trailer Rip It Apart

The following news post is rated H for Honest.

You may have forgotten thanks to the announcement of XCOM 2and the tease of Fallout 4, but today is also the release date of Heroes of the Storm! Blizzard has finally gotten in on that epic crossover action and spliced all their characters together into a universe where they can all kick the absolute hell out of each other. But this isn’t a brawling game like Smash Bros meets Mortal Kombat, where there are cute looking characters punching each other’s bones in half. No, this is a League of Legends style MOBA with towers, micropayments, and enough clicks to make you think Morse code became a thing again.

Luckily, Heroes of the Storm wasn’t overlooked by the Honest Trailer guys. The Smosh Games group known for ripping the piss out of games both new and old decided to take the party to Blizzard! Thank goodness that the Honest Trailer guys are here to explain the complicated history of Blizzard ripping off a game that ripped them off and question the validity of Kerrigan’s sniper rifle standing up to the devil instead of getting barbecued like you’d logically expect. Plus, you can ride a goddamn rainbow unicorn, which makes this the best MOBA ever.

If this video doesn’t make you want to play Heroes the Storm after watching it, then you clearly aren’t fans of “wrist locking clickfests”. But if you are in the mood to click yourself blind, you can play Heroes of the Storm for free, yes free, right here.

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