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Dota 2 Becomes a Third-Person Shooter


Dota 2 Becomes a Third-Person Shooter

“BOOM, headshot!” has never been more relevant of a quote.

Maybe the hardcore gameplay in Dota 2 is simply too difficult for some. Maybe the RTS, top-down style of fast paced, strategic gameplay simply isn’t the right path for the game that was the first to define the MOBA genre from its early days as a mod. Maybe what Dota 2 truly needs is some intense, adrenaline-fueled gun fighting.

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Fortunately, a modder is hoping to do exactly that. A video posted over the weekend shows an early gameplay test of a new Dota 2 mod simply called Action Dota. The modder known as BMD Dota took the camera within the game, locked it, and changed the moving mechanics. This coupled with the unique moveset of the Sniper character offers a chance to experience Dota as players never have before.

Despite working within the Dota 2 engine, the action seems fairly convincing as a shooter. The gameplay itself looks reminiscent of Smite, or a shooting style similar to that of Mass Effect. Obviously this will never change the way Dota 2 works on a large scale. But assuming the developer continues enhancing his mod of the game, maybe one day players can experience a Dota as a third-person shooter for themselves soon.

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