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Evolve Guide: How to Play the Support Class


Evolve Guide: How to Play the Support Class

Support your friends with a supporting hand of Support class

The Support class hunter in Evolve is your party’s last line of defense against the monstrous beasts that plague Shear. That’s no exaggeration. The Support’s job is to ensure that the party gets an edge or an advantage over the monster whenever possible. This can be done in a variety of ways which we’ll soon explore as we go through each of the three different Support hunters.

When engaging in a fight with a monster, the Support’s focus is never on dealing damage to the beast. Instead, your priority should always be the safety of your fellow hunters and ensuring that the Assault is able to deal maximum damage to the foe at any given time. It is only in instances where your entire party is in good shape and doesn’t require much of your assistance that you are then able to focus on hurting the monster.

The reason why I say the Support is the party’s last line of defense in Evolve is because of their shared ability: Cloak. This ability allows the Support to cloak himself and be invisible to the monster for a short period of time. Now, you really should only activate Cloak when two or more of your party members have been incapacitated and there’s no opening for Daisy to get to them. By staying invisible to the monster, the Support can easily make his way to his fallen comrades and revive them before the monster even realizes what’s happening.

Apart from Cloak, all three Support characters have different weapons and equipment in their arsenal which will allow them to provide various buffs to the party.

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