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5 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss Out on Warframe


5 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss Out on Warframe

Warframe is a game that everyone should check out, even if it’s just to find out how incredibly polished a F2P game can be when compared to AAA titles.

1. Destiny for Free!

Warframe vs destiny


Warframe is for free. Yeah, it’s a trap. We all know nothing is completely for free, but you can actually play this awesome space-ninja game without spending money if you can stand some grindy gameplay to unlock stuff.

Warframe’s gameplay model isn’t the best out there, that’s for sure, but it’s pretty soft for casual gamers. Most of the items can be made by gathering required materials while completing missions, which sounds awesome. The thing is, high level stuff requires excessive grinding, which can be annoying for some players. Nevertheless, the game is a lot of fun and when you are down to shooting and slashing enemies you certainly forget about items and such. If you can get carried away, you’ll probably get all you want without even noticing. Additionally, there’s a ton of new items and blueprints to discover.

All in all, the fact remains the same: Warframe is free to play. The game can be enjoyed without risking your wallet. Whatever unfairnesses may be generated by players who buy stuff is hardly noticed since the core of the game is based on co-op modes. Drawing a parallel seems unavoidable: Destiny, a similar game in many ways, lacks content and has several problems when compared to Warframe. From a weak story to several balance issues, and its own grinding-for-items gameplay, $60 seems a bit too much for Destiny when Warframe is available.

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