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5 Multiplayer Tips for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


5 Multiplayer Tips for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Combat Readiness Program

Your first steps into an online multiplayer game can be daunting at best and downright terrifying at worst. You’ve seen people online pulling off insane maneuvers and bragging about their double-digit killstreaks. Meanwhile you don’t even know what a killstreak even is. Luckily for you, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has you covered with the new player friendly Combat Readiness Program.

call of duty advanced warfare

This program throws you into one of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s maps for a Team Deathmatch game with a difference. This mode ensures that you are not up against people who might rage at you in voice chat or who can see your name at the bottom of any scoreboard – hell in there mode there isn’t even a scoreboard. Every play is simply called Friendly or Enemy so there’s very little pressure.

You’re offered a choice of 5 different pre-made loadouts before being put up against a collection of human and computer controlled opponents. This isn’t a place to be the best and see your time with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare go completely, this is simply somewhere with no pressure to either enjoy yourself or get to grips with the game. You’re also frequently offered Supply Drops which grant you the opportunity to try out new score-streaks without the fear of someone laughing at you missing hilariously.

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