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10 Exciting New Things You’ll Find in Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 and Xbox One


10 Exciting New Things You’ll Find in Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 and Xbox One

First-Person Mode

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Right off the bat one of the most noticeable new additions to GTA V on the latest console generation is the appearance of a fairly extraordinary first-person mode. What makes it extraordinary isn’t the fact that it simply exists, oh no no. It has been given that Rockstar trademark polish to add more than you might think to what could have been a simple camera viewpoint change.

Every vehicle now has a fully mapped and high resolution interior, including new animations for passengers to go with it. You can dive into first-person at any point during GTA V‘s gameplay, right down to the shooting segments. There’s no reason to worry about having to use an extra button to get into this mode either, as it can be totally customized from within the options menu. This gives you total control over what’s in first-person and what’s in third.

For example, you may like to drive and shoot from cover in first-person, but third person is your preferred camera position when simply running around GTA V. Thanks to the hefty arsenal of options, you can drive up to your target in first-person before dashing towards cover in third-person and popping out again to put your foes into an early grave from first-person. Doesn’t sound like much right now but believe me here, it adds something truly awesome to the already wondrous experience.

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