Some Xbox Game Pass Titles Will Likely Support Xbox Play Anywhere

An unexpected feature?

Some Xbox One games support the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, and it seems now that if an Xbox Game Pass title has support for Xbox Play Anywhere, you can play it on Xbox One and PC too.

That appears to be what’s happening with ReCore: Definitive Edition, which was added to the Xbox Game Pass for eager players to devour. Windows Central has stated that you can get to the game’s page via the Windows Store, and it’s downloadable and playable with your Game Pass subscription on PC and Xbox One.

This feature had not previously been announced, so if it’s a deliberate addition to Xbox Play Anywhere functionality, it’s not known. However, you can currently pick it up and play it right now if your $10 Xbox Game Pass is working right now.

This could mean big things for future Xbox Game Pass subscribers, but it could also spell out a possible glitch in the system. Hopefully this is a feature that we just didn’t know about yet, as it adds big value to the already cheap and functional Xbox Game Pass.


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