Nickelodeon is Working On a Cartoon for a “World Famous” Video Game

What could it be…?

Video game cartoons pretty much begin and end at Pokemon. While there have been others that were around, only the Pocket Monsters have been able to truly have the staying power that they do, but that may change thanks to the folks at Nickelodeon.

Fred Seibert, head and founder of Frederator Studios (which is best known for shows like Fairly Oddparents, Bee and PuppyCat, and Adventure Time), spoke on the Nickelodeon Animation podcast about an upcoming and unnamed project they’re working on. According to him, it’s based one of the most “world famous video games” of the last three decades. “We’ve had it in our shop for 12 years,” he said. He pointed out that the long timespan means that it took some time, “but there were great characters and great story, and eventually, we got it going.”

Naturally, we likely won’t see this cartoon from Nickelodeon and Frederator for a while. But whatever that game is, it’s definitely got a good pedigree in its hands.

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