The Xbox One Won’t Be at Tokyo Game Show, But Microsoft is Hosting a Separate Event

Xbox One S, Microsoft

Second year in a row.

Just today, Microsoft hosted a press conference in Japan and announced that the Xbox One will not be exhibited at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, or TGS, as most of us tend to refer to it. Microsoft was notably absent from the show last year as well, but again, they will be hosting a separate event for the Japanese fans to come check out their upcoming releases.

According to Game Watch, Microsoft will be hosting their ‘Xbox Big Thanksgiving’ event this October, and fans will be able to get some hands-on time with their exclusive titles, as well as have the opportunity to even meet a few developers. There are no details on when exactly the event will be held, but we’ll keep you posted as more information comes our way.

Considering that the Xbox One hasn’t exactly been doing well in Japan sales-wise, perhaps hosting a separate, smaller scale event might be more efficient for them.

Thanks, Game Watch.

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