23 Blizzard Easter Eggs You Probably Missed in Overwatch

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Overwatch is Blizzard’s multiplayer arena shooter that has had everyone in a craze since its release back in May. Its fun, somewhat cartoonish action has millions of players logging in to take on others as they fight to prove who’s really the best hero (and hopefully push the Payload).


Like all great games, Overwatch is filled to the brim with plenty of neat little Easter eggs. Of course, there are plenty of pop-culture references too. But a company as celebrated as Blizzard has a lot to call back to, so there’s no shortage of Blizzard Easter eggs scattered throughout the many maps and even over the heroes present within the game.

Allow us to show you just how much Diablo, Hearthstone, StarCraft, and more has crept into your shooting action. 

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