Blizzard and Uber Have Partnered Together to Give PAX East Attendees Sick Rides

Uber Overwatch Blizzard

The most expensive– yet free– Uber ride of your life.

If you’re in Boston this weekend and want to catch an Uber, it’s the perfect time to. Blizzard and Uber have partnered together to advertise Overwatch with a supertruck, a moto-trike, and a Lamborghini.

Not only will you be riding in style, but your driver will be cosplaying as one of three Overwatch heroes. It’s a service only available at the convention center in Boston (you lucky PAX East attendees), from Apr. 22-24. The best part? Your ride is free if you manage to get one.

This isn’t the first time a company has taken advantage of a PAX showing to advertise their games with some Uber rides. Back in PAX Prime 2015, we took a ride in a Mad Max Uber and it was everything you could imagine.

If you manage to get a ride in that sweet Lambo, leave a comment down below!

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