Mortal Kombat X DLC Will Fund Prize Pools for Future Tournaments

Mortal Kombat X

That’s one shiny Ermac.

In 2015, NetherRealm gave $10,000 bonuses to several Mortal Kombat X tournaments. These prizes were primarily funded by DLC purchases, specifically the Blue Steel Sub-Zero skin. This will continue in 2016, with a new DLC skin funding future Mortal Kombat X tournaments.

During a recent Kombat Kast stream on Twitch, the game’s developers revealed the Krimson Ermac skin. The skin has a similar design to the Blue Steel Sub-Zero skin that’s currently on sale in the game.

This skin will be on sale when Mortal Kombat XL launches on March 1. It costs $1.99 and the proceeds will support major MKX tournaments by providing finalists with cash bonuses.

The upcoming Mortal Kombat XL release will also bring four new characters, new skins for the existing cast, and improved online connectivity.


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