Best Performance Award Went to The Witcher 3 And/Or Her Story, No One Really Knows

viva witcher 3 performance

Wait, who won?

In what has to be the most confusing moment in an award show ever, there was a serious snafu during the announcement of the Best Performance Award winner at The Game Awards 2015.

Apparently, the race between The Witcher 3’s voice actor and Her Story’s was in close contention. So close, in fact, that The Game Awards 2015 gave the award to Viva Seifert for her work on The Witcher 3. Except Viva Seifert was the voice actress on Her Story.

Confused? Probably. But there’s no way you could possibly be as confused as Marcin Iwinski of CD Projekt Red. He sat there excited at first, only to let an odd, almost surreal, reality set in.

Just look at his reaction:

game awards 2015

That is the face of a man who is not only confused, but crushed by the confusion.

witcher 3

“I made The Witcher 3,” he thinks, as Viva Seirfert (Her Story) takes to the stage to accept the reward. “She wasn’t in my game,” he continues, by now she is waving her arms in the air shouting “VICTORY!” as the crowd nervously claps.

The deed is done, but he’s still in shock. He did get to accept the reward for Game of the Year, the most coveted award of the show, but forevermore, part of him will remember this moment.

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