How to Kill Gloom Hands Easily in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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On your adventure across the epic wilderness of Hyrule Kingdom, you’ll meet a plethora of unique beasts. Some of them are docile, while others are hostile. One of the most dastardly foes comes in the form of a twisted mass of gigantic red hands. Not only are they hideous to behold, but they can inflict some really nasty rebuffs on poor ol’ Link. As a result, you may be wondering how to kill Gloom Hands easily in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If so, we’ve got your back. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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How to Defeat Gloom Hands Easily

First things first, it’s important to note a few things that are unique about Gloom Hands (aka Gloom Spawn). Basically, much like the red puddles of Gloom that are infesting the lands of Hyrule, touching or being grabbed by them results in Gloom damage. This reduces Link’s Max Hearts temporarily, which can be a real pain.

To combat this, we’d recommend equipping Gloom-resistant armor like Depths Armor, for instance. Alternatively, you can prepare some “Sunny” dishes with the help of Sundelions as these help heal Gloom damage.

How to Kill Gloom Hands
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Next, it’s important to note that Gloom Spawn has a special ability that sees them regenerating health. Essentially, each hand has its own health bar, and if you don’t kill them all quickly, the other hands will regenerate and come back to life, much like, say, a Hydra. As a result of this, you’re going to want to kill all the hands swiftly.

Now, onto the combat strategy. See, the key to killing Gloom Hands easily is to keep your distance and use your Bow and Arrows, in conjunction with Bomb Flowers.

With Bomb Flowers equipped to your bow, you’ll be able to fire devastating area-of-effect fire damage that continues to hurt the Gloom Spawn for a short window after unleashing it. Aim for the center of the writhing mass of beasts, as this will deal the most damage. Around three or four accurate shots with a Bow and Bomb Flower will bring this monster down for good.

Finally, another effective strategy is to use a Dazzlefruit and fuse it with an Arrow, a Long Stick, or a Sword. Doing so will pretty much instantly kill a Gloom Spawn as they’re vulnerable to Light attacks.

So, what do you know. That’s everything you need to learn about how to kill Gloom Hands easily in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For more, here’s how much damage the Master Sword inflicts. Or else, why not take a gander at our related coverage below before you go.

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