99 Xbox Ones, 25k PS4s, and 15k Wii Us Were Sold in Japan Last Week

To be fair, 99 is almost 100. A whole 100.

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The gaming world is aware that Microsoft’s systems never really perform very well in Japan, but last week proved quite a shocking revelation: Japan does not give two and a half craps about the Xbox One. Compared to the console and handheld systems from Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft has always struggled to really hit it off with the Japanese market, but the company has reached a new low in sales overseas.

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According to Media Create’s sales figures, as shared by 4gamer, last week, the Xbox One system sold 99 Xbox Ones, paling in comparison to other consoles’ sales, such as the PlayStation 4 selling 25,592 units, the Wii U selling 15,398 units, and the New 3DS LL topping the charts at 30,172 units. For a bit of an idea of how it might pan out at the end of this generation of consoles, the Nintendo Wii had moved about 12.75 million units in Japan alone, the Xbox 360 simply moved about 1.6 million in its entire life cycle.

Clearly, Japan has little to no interest in Microsoft’s product. Naturally, this is not indication of the quality of the product, but it does bring up the question to Microsoft about whether profit is at all possible in Japan. The answer? Probably not. After the Head of Xbox Japan actually resigned following the first week of sales after its launch day, we’re unsure anyone is even at those offices right now.

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