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New Hyrule Warriors Video Shows off Characters, Maps, and My Fairy Mode

Hyrule Warriors Legends

New Hyrule Warriors Video Shows off Characters, Maps, and My Fairy Mode

They look beautiful.

The new characters of Hyrule Warriors aren’t playable to the public yet, but a new stream shows them in action on the Wii U system.

The characters are the King of Hyrule, Toon Link, Linkle, Tetra, and Skull Kid. They will be available to use in Hyrule Warriors Legends when it releases Mar. 25 in the US. The new characters and stages will also be available on the Wii U through the use of a code included with the 3DS game.

The video shows off each character in action, giving insight into what weapons they use and how they attack:

  • The King of Hyrule uses the King of Red Lions as his main weapon in the video, attacking using the mast and full ship.
  • Toon Link’s main weapons are his sword and shield, using many of the same attacks that Link does in Hyrule Warriors.
  • Linkle’s main weapons are dual crossbows, giving her great range, doing damage to large groups of enemies in front of her. She also does close range damage to those on either side of her.
  • Tetra uses her sword and pistol to do close range and long range damage. She also uses elemental water damage.
  • Skull Kid’s are the most interesting. He uses his fairies, Tatl and Tael, to do most of his damage. He also uses dark energy to do powerful attacks to groups gathered together.

The new stages that will be in Hyrule Warriors Legends take place in an epilogue. The levels are based off of Windfall Island, Dragon Roost Island, and Forsaken Fortress. There are also new bosses and new items being added to the 3DS game.

There is also going to be a new mode, called My Fairy, which will let players befriend fairies and use them in Adventure Mode.

Let us know what character you are most excited to control.

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