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Top 10 Titles We’re Still Waiting On From Nintendo

Lost, but not forgotten

Even with the June Nintendo Direct chock-full of first-party announcements, we are still waiting on news about these Nintendo franchises. 2024 is already bursting at the seams with Nintendo titles. As such, it seems unlikely we’ll see any games in these franchises this year. However, going into the hardware reveal for the Switch successor, these franchises could do with a look-in.

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10. A ‘Warriors’ Tie-in

hyrule warriors: age of calamity
Image Source: Nintendo

Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors is a franchise with a long history of colorful and engaging titles like any other. However, Dynasty Warriors seemingly suffers similarly to the Soul Calibur franchise.

It seems like the bulk of the conversation around their games surrounds the other companies’ characters that cameo within their worlds.

Nintendo’s partnership with Koei Tecmo has been particularly fruitful in the last few generations. Trusting the use of their IP on four separate occasions, they have released two sets of two games. These titles are the Fire Emblem Warriors and Hyrule Warriors subseries.

Based on Nintendo’s Fire Emblem and The Legend of Zelda series respectively, the subseries has only grown in popularity. Since the original release of the Hyrule Warriors, we’ve seen six titles in nine years.

Considering its ports and expansive sequels, we’ve never gone more than two years since the last Warriors title. The last of these was Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, in 2022. So, doing some quick calculations, we’re right on time for a new title!

9. A (New) Donkey Kong

mario chasing donkey kong
Image Source: Nintendo

Since 2018, we’ve seen an expanded port and a remaster of Retro Studios’ widely acclaimed Donkey Kong Country duology. Yet, we’re still waiting on an original title featuring everyone’s favorite ape!

While Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze broke the ice, a remaster of 2010’s Donkey Kong Country Returns was announced this month. Don’t get me wrong, these titles are modern classics and deserve the chance to thrive on the Switch’s tremendous success.

It’s been 14 years since that title’s original release, and the appetite for a new Donkey Kong game is unsatiated. However, all signs point towards a revitalized Donkey Kong title being on the cards in the near future – as a result of the success stemming from Retro’s titles and the recent remake of Mario vs Donkey Kong.

Be it a 2D title akin to Retro’s efforts, or a new 3D title similar to Donkey Kong 64, there’s no doubt that gamers would go ape over such an announcement.

8. Super Smash Bros.

best 3 player switch games, super smash bros ultimate
Image Source: Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd.

The Super Smash Bros. series is Nintendo’s once-in-a-generation Hall of Fame fighting game. As such, it’s not expected that we’ll see a new installment until Nintendo’s next-generation system.

Conveniently, the reveal of said system is right around the corner. Beyond that, Nintendo is clearly okay with releasing information on titles presumed to be playable on the Switch’s hardware successor: case in point, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond.

As such, the reveal of how Nintendo is going to produce a worthy sequel to the widely acclaimed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one that most Nintendo fans are eagerly awaiting.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the best-selling title in the franchise’s already highly profitable history. As such, since its release, Nintendo has supported the game with an extensive amount of post-launch DLC.

However, Nintendo can achieve unprecedented cross-generation, cross-platform engagement with Super Smash Bros. titles. As such, the clock is ticking in most Nintendo fans’ brains, tiding them over until such a reveal is due to happen.

7. Splatoon

umami ruins splatoon 3
Image Source: Nintendo

To be frank, it feels like it’s been no time at all since Nintendo’s youngest IP received a new title. Considering it’s only been two years since the release of Splatoon 3, I feel like that’s a fair assessment.

However, Splatoon has enjoyed a particularly short development cycle between entries. We only had to wait two years between the launch of the original and the Switch semi-launch title Splatoon 2.

Along with many of Nintendo’s burgeoning franchises, the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch’s hardware successor could be the catalyst Nintendo has been looking for to announce a new Splatoon title.

They have the opportunity to engage an entirely new market with the ink-splatting heroes. So, with the hardware showcase on the horizon, it’s not peculiar to think a new Splatoon game could be too.

6. Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Fates Birthright
Image Source: Nintendo

Fire Emblem is a series that has enjoyed immense success on the Nintendo Switch. Considering the timeline Nintendo has followed for the release of their other titles, the latest in the series shouldn’t be too far away.

From the 2017 launch of the Switch, seven years ago, Fire Emblem has received just as many titles. Albeit, one was a port of Fire Emblem Warriors to the Nintendo 3DS, followed by a two-year absence for the series. However, the only other instance of a two-year wait has been following another set of dual releases: this time, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and the eShop re-release of the original Fire Emblem title, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, in 2020.

Considering the recent release of Fire Emblem’s latest title, Fire Emblem Engage, in 2023 we won’t have long to wait. Although it’s moving at a breakneck pace, we are on track for a new Fire Emblem title sometime soon.

5. Yoshi

Image Source: Good-Feel & Nintendo

On the back of the Switch’s immense success, all titles released on it seemingly sell more than any other titles in their series. Yoshi has always been a beloved friend of the Mario gang, and a protagonist in his own right, and it’s good to see him doing just the same and usurping his own records. Yoshi’s Crafted World debuted at the top of the UK video game software charts upon release.

Releasing in 2019, that title is now five years old and, clearly, successful. As such, it makes more than enough sense that we’re due for a sequel, be it in a similarly hand-crafted aesthetic as 2015’s Wii U title Wooly World and the recent Crafted World, or something completely different.

Regardless, Nintendo has garnered many loving and supporting fans for the green dinosaur. So much so, that the series is definitely not due for extinction any time soon!

4. Animal Crossing

animal crossing new horizons fireworks
Image Source: Nintendo

It’s impossible to talk about the sales growth of the Nintendo Switch without commenting on the ridiculous success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The cultural and financial success that was Animal Crossing at its peak during the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic will be near-impossible to replicate. However, with Nintendo looking at it as the best-selling title in the franchise, there’s no way they’re going to let this sleeping dog lie.

They have attempted to continue the success of the series with additional free content. Doing this, they have spread these updates during the first year or so of the title’s life. They have also released a full-blown piece of paid DLC with the Happy Home Paradise expansion.

However, with New Horizons’ departure from its franchise roots, many long-time fans of the franchise were turned off by the latest title. As such a return to the franchise’s beginnings, or even additional add-on content for the latest title, could be invaluable for the series’ longevity.

Honourable Mentions


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been immensely successful for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. As such we cannot wait to see what is next in store for the world of pocket monsters. However, while the franchise has its own Direct format, we were shown what the future of the Pokemon series looks like.

The announcement of the Pokemon Legends: Z-A title coming to Nintendo Switch at some point in 2025 does lead some to think that it could be kept aside for new Nintendo Switch hardware.


Pikmin has never been as successful as its other Nintendo franchise siblings, despite the support Nintendo gives it. However, even on the floundering Wii U console, Pikmin 3’s release brought with it same-year DLC for the game, which extended the title’s growth.

Considering that 2023’s Pikmin 4 is the franchise’s most popular entry, the lack of post-launch support is peculiar. As such, it can only be hoped that support for the franchise – through downloadable content for Pikmin 4, or another original title – will continue soon.


Starfox exists in a weird place within Nintendo. The incredibly successful brainchild of legendary Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the most recent title was nearly ten years ago with 2016’s Star Fox Zero.

However, clearly they have the franchise in the corner of their eye as they permitted Ubisoft to incorporate the characters and starships of the franchise into their own projects. Beyond just casual references, they were made an in-depth inclusion of the software and hardware surrounding 2018’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

3. Kirby

kirby and the forgotten land
Image Source: Nintendo

Kirby has never been a struggling franchise. Yet, in recent years it has risen to the top of the pile of Nintendo’s platforming franchises.

Since 2018’s Kirby Star Allies brought the series over to Nintendo’s hybrid console, Kirby has effectively become an annual series for Nintendo. Headlining this revolution was the exemplary 3D platformer Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which redefined the series for the Nintendo Switch.

Considering Kirby’s latest adventure was the 2023 remaster of the Wii title Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, it can’t be that the latest Kirby title is too far away.

Especially heading into June’s Nintendo Direct, rumours circulated surrounding a trademark regarding the 2015 Wii U title Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. While they appear – so far – to be fruitless, the constant push for new Kirby titles is very real. Now we’re just waiting for the next one to be revealed.

2. 3D Mario

best 3 player switch games, super mario 3d world, bowsers fury
Image Source: Nintendo

It cannot, and will not, be said that Nintendo’s flagship franchise has suffered from a lack of representation this generation. From Party titles, kart racers, and platformers, Mario has gone on plenty of adventures on the Nintendo Switch. However, since his 2017 Switch launch-window title Super Mario Odyssey, he hasn’t had any standalone original 3D adventures.

While The Legend of Zelda received a full-blown sequel only last year with Tears of the Kingdom, Mario has languished without a sequel to call his own the entire generation.

We’ve received expanded ports and remastered collections in the shape of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and Super Mario 3D All-Stars respectively. As a result of these titles, and the success of the Super Mario Bros. feature film, the momentum carrying Mario forward into the next generation is unfathomable.

With Mario’s place as a launch-window title for the Switch itself, the upcoming showcase of Nintendo’s next-generation system is prime time to show off gaming’s favorite plumber in a new 3D title. As such, while most Nintendo fans are languishing without a new 3D adventure, even more are just excited to jump in on some more of Mario’s acrobatic adventures!

1. Mario Kart 9

Image Source: Nintendo

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the quintessential Nintendo Switch title. It won’t be said that Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet haven’t contributed to a stable course for Nintendo’s hybrid system. However, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is not only the best-selling game in the franchise, but the best-selling title on the platform.

Mario Kart 8: Deluxe has managed to present itself as the perfect must-have game along with your Nintendo Switch system. As such, since its 2017 release it has produced an attach rate of 52%, meaning that more than half of all Switch owners own this title.

While the greatness of Mario Kart 8: Deluxe cannot be understated, it is effectively an expanded port of the already phenomenal original Wii U title. With the introduction of the Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Booster Course Pass in 2022, Nintendo has tried its hardest to prolong the life of this 10-year-old title.

Yet, with every year that passes, we have another year in which Nintendo fans ask themselves: ‘where is Mario Kart 9’ and ‘what does it look like?’

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