how and where to sell contraband in starfield
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Where to Find & Sell Contraband in Starfield

Making an honest living is for the birds.

You no good scoundrel, dirty huckster. You got contraband, don’t you? In Starfield, that’s illegal, you know, but it’s a damn good way to make creds! No honest sell wants them, though. So, look for someone dishonest. To be a successful space pirate, we’ll teach you where to find and sell contraband in Starfield.

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How to Get Contraband in Starfield

Okay, so you’ve got a shielded cargo hold and you’re ready to be a smuggler in Starfield. You’re best off looking in less scrupulous places, like pirate bases and abandoned outposts, for contraband. What you’re looking for is an item that has a small yellow tag on it when you examine it. That’s contraband!

what contraband looks like in starfield
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Back at your ship, open up your inventory and locate the contraband—it’ll be under MISC—and store it in your ship’s cargo. Whenever you make a jump to a planet or moon that scans for contraband, you’ll get a warning beforehand and a chance of success, which is super helpful.

Where to Sell Contraband in Starfield

Your next stop is at any Trade Authority facility, which means making another jump to any major settlement. Here are a few locations where Trade Authority is located that you’ll come across early on:

stopping at trade authority to sell contraband in starfield
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite
  • Jemison, New Atlantas: Located in the Alpha Centauri system, in the Well
  • Titan: Located in the Sol system, a moon of Saturn
  • Mars, Cydonia: Also in the Sol system
  • Chthonia, The Den: Planet in the Wolf system
  • Volii Alpha, Neon: Planet in the Volii system
  • Akila, Akila City: Planet in the Cheyenne system

One last point to make: if you come across a Trade Authority kiosk in Starfield, don’t bother trying to sell your contraband there. The kiosks won’t accept them; you have to speak with a flesh and blood individual. It’s a lot of legwork to start, but definitely worth the effort. For more content, check out the links down below, like learning how to disable turrets!

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