how to get shielded cargo hold in starfield
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How to Get Shielded Cargo Hold in Starfield

A smuggler's best friend is a shielded cargo hold.

You just jumped to a civilized planet in Starfield, hoping to unload your newly acquired goods. On approach, the inhabitants scan you, which is fine and standard procedure. Suddenly, they see you have contraband on board, and that’s illegal, buddy. Now you’re being arrested. If that situation sounds really familiar, it would’ve gone down a lot differently if you had a shielded cargo hold in Starfield.

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Where to Obtain a Shielded Cargo Hold in Starfield

Now, shielded cargo holds aren’t typically sold by honest dealers in Starfield. For example, ship services at, say, New Atlantis won’t sell them. You’ll have to look in the same places where you find the most wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  1. Open the starmap and locate the Porrima star system.

    Depending on your ship’s grav system, you may have to jump to a star much closer to you before finishing the journey at the star Porrima. It’s only a few star systems away from Sol.where to find porrima star system in starfield

  2. Land at the Red Mile.

    It’s a small colony on Porrima III. The location is already discovered on your map, so you can immediately fast travel to it.planet porrima iii in starfield, red mile

  3. Speak with Lon Andersson.

    As soon as you land, enter the facility straight ahead of you. At the top of the stairs, you’ll see a ship services desk. Behind that desk is Lon Andersson’s office.

  4. Purchase a shielded cargo hold.

    Ask Lon to make modifications to your ship. Open up the Ship Builder and switch over to the Cargo tab. If the cargo hold has “shielded” in its name, you’ve found what you were looking for. Shielded cargo holds vary in design and max capacity, so pick what best serves you.attaching a shielded cargo bay to a ship in starfield

And that’s the simplest way to get shielded cargo holds in Starfield. If you fancy space combat, be on the lookout for Crimson Fleet starships, too. They always have shielded cargo bays, so it doesn’t hurt to commandeer starships given the chance.

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