Image Source: Caliartist via Reddit
Image Source: Caliartist via Reddit

A Starfield Player Decided on a Beachfront Outpost, Complete With a Pier

How to get the best ocean views anywhere in the galaxy!

Outpost building has since become one of the most popular pastimes in Starfield, and just like with shipbuilding, players are able to get exceptionally creative and come up with some rather impressive ideas. Given the incredible variety of cosmically beautiful backdrops that are available across the star systems, players are often going for scenic points just as much as practicality ones. In fact, one such player took to Reddit to show off an outpost creation that many of us probably didn’t expect to see, or that was possible for that matter.

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Starfield enthusiast ‘Caliartist’ recently shared various screenshots on Reddit of a long, indoor pier-style hab structure they built out into the water of a ‘Coast’-type biome area, on what looks to be the planet Sumati in the Narion star system. From what can be seen, they started with an Airlock module at the coastline, followed by a standard hab structure that then connected to a long sequence of Hydroponic hab modules, until they pushed it all the way to the edge of the outpost perimeter.

Starfield how a pier can be made on an outpost
Image Source: Caliartist via Reddit

While it certainly looks impressive from overhead, the inside look is even more inspiring, and definitely makes at least some of us want to try to replicate it at one of our own outposts. Thankfully it can be done on any planet that has a similar biome.

‘Caliartist’ mentioned further into the thread discussion that the water source, be it a lake or ocean, needs to be shallow enough at the coastline to support the foundations of the hab modules, as they connect directly to the seafloor. If you pick a spot that’s too deep, the module will quite literally sink under the water.

Starfield what the inside of a hab module above water looks like
Image Source: Caliartist via Reddit

Even if it were possible to connect modules in a fashion that could create an underwater facility (Subnautica anyone?), there’s no telling how the game would function in such a circumstance. Perhaps someone would be daring enough to attempt it, and we’d definitely love to see it. Starfield has since proven itself to not only be a fascinatingly immersive new IP from Bethesda, but a unique creative space for players to experiment with the nearly non-existent limits of the cosmos.

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