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Starfield Failure to Communicate Quest: How to Fix the Lopez Satellite

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The Settled Systems sure are a dangerous place, with plenty of people out there in the galaxy looking for a helping hand. Alban Lopez is no exception, being just a farmer wanting to protect what’s his from Spacers. If you want to help him out, here’s how to fix the Lopez Communication Satellite and complete Failure to Communicate in Starfield.

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To access the mission, you’ve got to make your way to the Aranae system, which is right next to the Olympus system on the Starmap. When you go, you’ll pick up a distress beacon coming from the planet Aranae II, which will begin the mission and give you a reason to go to the Lopez Farm and hear about his problems with the Spacers taking down his secure satellites.

How Do You Repair the Communications Satellite?

starfield failure to communicate lemaire satellite
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In order to fix the satellite, take your ship into orbit around the planet, then fly in the direction of the satellite, which you’ll find to be surrounded by Spacers for you to take out. Clear them from the area and head over to the satellite. If you’re playing on Xbox, press A when you get close enough to it, then you get the option to repair the satellite and talk to Lopez.

After that, Lopez will task you with repairing the satellites for the Wen, Lemaire and Banda families. To do this, just fly to the locations in the system where the satellites are, repair them and let Lopez try to reestablish communications. A couple of them are going to have Spacers guarding them, so be aware on approach and don’t let them get the jump on you.

After you’ve connected all of the satellites, you’ll be told to go to Jackie Lemaire’s ship to discuss your payment and potential future employment. The family will be having a discussion about their plans from there, but Lopez needs you to convince the other two remaining families into agreeing to a mutual defense pact.

How Do You Remove the Spacers From the Aranae System?

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Getting the Banda family on board is going to be the easier part, where you can simply talk to Chanda and he’ll agree to join the pact, given some trepidation. However, given the history between Lemaire and Lopez, getting the Lemaire family to join is a bit more difficult and actually optional in the mission, meaning that you don’t need the support from all of the families to succeed.

To get Jackie to join, when you talk to her, you’ll be given the option to try and persuade her into joining the pact, or you can pay her 2000 credits in order to make up for Lopez’s former scams. Once they’ve joined, you can head back into space to clear the Spacers from Aranae IV-B and Aranae IV-D, and you can choose if you want to do so with or without the help of the families in the pact.

After you’ve taken out all of the Spacer’s forces, you can head back to Aranae II and talk with Lopez again. The members of the defense pact will be waiting at Lopez’s farm, and will ask you to help them clear out the Spacer Starstation orbiting Aranae III. This time, you’ll be taking out Spacers from your ship and on foot, but once you finished clearing out the Starstation, you’ll be rewarded with your credits and a welcome to the system anytime.

There’s not much else to it for how to complete the Failure to Communicate mission in Starfield. It starts off as just some simple combat and repairs, but you’ll find yourself getting involved in both sides of the conflict to ensure peace. If you’re looking for more guides on missions, factions, or anything in-between, be sure to keep checking back here.

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