Should You Persuade or Kill Brogan in Starfield?
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Should You Persuade or Kill Brogan in Starfield? Answered

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After obtaining your first spaceship in Starfield, you’ll be tasked to deal with a group of Crimson Fleet pirates in an abandoned outpost on Kreet. At the end of this mission, you must face Captain Brogan, who is interested in raiding The Frontier and claiming its treasures. During the confrontation, you’ll be given a choice on whether to kill or persuade Brogan to let you go.

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What Happens if You Persuade Brogan in Starfield?

If you picked the Diplomat trait or have unlocked the Persuasion skill, you can attempt to convince Captain Brogan that there is no treasure in The Frontier. Besides avoiding needless bloodshed, you will also gain 10 Experience Points when you successfully persuade the man.

Persuading Captain Brogan in Starfield.
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Here are the dialogues you can pick to convince Captain Brogan:

  • I’m with Constellation. You need to stop attacking our ship.
  • [Persuade] There’s no treasure in my ship. Cut your losses before more people get hurt.
  • [+3] Hey, if you want to trade ships, that sounds good to me. The Frontier creaks when it turns anyway.
  • [+1] You have it wrong. Constellation is an explorer’s group. They aren’t treasure hunters.

What Happens if You Kill or Attack Brogan in Starfield?

If you decide to attack Brogan or fail to persuade him, you will need to kill the man and several Crimson Fleet pirates. The captain will pull out a shield that can regenerate, but you can let Vasco use its energy weapon to rip it apart.

The loot you get from killing an enemy will be randomized. However, since Brogan is a boss, you may get a rare item from his corpse. Here are some objects you may receive:

  • 30 rounds of 7.77MM Caseless ammo
  • 30 rounds of .27 caliber ammo
  • 40 rounds of 6.5mm ammo
  • 1,920 Credits
  • Modified Maelstrom
  • Anti-Ballistic Star Roamer Spacesuit (Rare)
  • Blue UC Leather Jumpsuit
  • Improved Grendel Rifle

Should You Persuade or Kill Brogan?

Although the decision highly depends on each player, I recommend persuading Brogan since you can get EXP while avoiding an unnecessary battle. Convincing the pirate captain to let you go is also relatively easy, and you are one step closer to completing the Persuasion skill challenge.

The loot that Brogan drops is not particularly noteworthy, and you will likely encounter the same items as you progress through the game. I personally found fighting against this group of enemies too much of a hassle, considering how little rewards it offers.

However, there’s nothing wrong if you just like to shoot down some pirates. The battle is not particularly difficult, especially when you have Vasco as your teammate.

If you want to get the loot and the Persuasion EXP, you can try completing the Persuasion mini-game and then attack the pirates. That way, you get the best of both worlds!

Once you deal with Captain Brogan in Starfield, you will go to the capital city of the United Colonies, New Atlantis. Besides meeting with Constellation, you can also visit various locations, such as Jemison Mercantile, where you can buy Resources to craft weapon mods and spacesuits.

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